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    When you want to enjoy the snow without the hassles of snow boarding, a bike with skis might be just the thing you’re looking for. With its stable design and easy learning curve, a ski bike is the perfect activity for all kinds of riders. These bikes are actually dirt bike conversion kits, fitted with skis to make the experience a lot more enjoyable. The Timbersled brand has been a pioneer in snow biking.

    S.L.A.T. system

    SNO-GO has officially partnered with SNOW Operating to produce the world’s first bike with skis that has patented S.L.A.T. system that enables rear skis to articulate like a parallel skier. This system mimics advanced skiing techniques, allowing riders to enjoy the same skiing experience as they would on a traditional ski bike. The SNO-GO ski bike is lightweight and compact, and combines complicated motor functions into a single, easy-to-use step.

    In order to achieve a smoother, more stable ride, and more control at high speeds, the SNOGO team developed the SLAT (Synchronized Lateral Articulating Technology) system. Although the team did not invent the system, they did refine it. In fact, Davison refers to this process as Inventegration. For example, the SNOGO bike has a lowered center of gravity for better stability and agility.

    Center of Gravity

    Increasing the Center of Gravity of your bike with skis will reduce the center of gravity on the front part of the frame. This will help the bike handle corners more easily. A low centre of gravity also means less stress on the tyres, a benefit of track day riding. You can achieve this by hanging inside the bike, which will lower your body weight and move it closer to the center of the turn radius.

    The horizontal position of the Center of Gravity is easily found by measuring the weight on the front and rear wheels separately. It will give you a 50:50 weight bias. The vertical position is trickier, but you can follow John Bradley’s method for calculating the CG of your motorcycle. To find the CG, you must elevate one end of the motorcycle. Then, measure the weight on both the front and rear wheels.


    A new winter sport has come to town: the Sno-Go bike with skis. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2015, Sno-Go has patented S.L.A.T. technology that makes learning this new sport easier than skiing. Its basic design is similar to a bike with a handlebar and pedals. And while the Sno-Go is a high-end bike, it’s not just for the elite. Even kids can use the bike, despite its low price tag.

    The Sno-Go ski bike mimics the natural motions of skiing. Its patented Synchronized Lateral Articulating Technology (SLAT) makes the skis turn according to the handlebar’s movement, and the front ski stays parallel to the rear. The bike is lightweight and incorporates a proprietary Hexed Carbon product to reduce weight and maximize control. This innovative design is compatible with more than half of U.S. ski resorts.

    Husqvarna 256

    A Swedish motorcycle shop is offering a rare and interesting conversion to their customers. They’ve taken an iconic machine, the Husqvarna 256, and added skis to the frame. While it might not have a unique purpose, the bike’s whimsy has an interesting history. The bike was developed for the Swedish defense forces in the late 60s, so the custom version incorporates many new features. A custom bike like this is a unique way to combine modern technology with a vintage design.

    The first prototype was built to military specifications to include skis, a tank bag, and a rear rack. It was tested under extreme conditions in 1965, and was completed for delivery by the end of the year. As a result, the Husqvarna 256 bike with skis is one of the few in the world to be fitted with skis. A limited number of 256 bikes were manufactured.


    The Sno-Go bike is the first ski-bike combination that has been endorsed by the PSIA-AASI. Designed for easy maneuverability on any terrain, the Sno-Go combines the action of a bike with the responsiveness and stability of skis. This ski-bike hybrid is a great option for those who do not have the skills or time to learn to ski or snow board. It can be used by the entire family, from kids to adults, and is a great way for a beginner to experience the snow .

    The Sno-Go bike is a new way to explore Michigan’s ski hills. This unique type of bike doesn’t have pedals – it has three skis – one in front, two on the back. These skis are designed to maneuver the bike with your body weight, so you can wear either a snowboard or regular winter boots. The bike fits on chairlifts, and it’s possible to get one at a price of $700-800.