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    Finance is a general term relating to things about the science, development, and implementation of financial institutions and other financial matters. The field of finance is extremely broad and covers a wide range of issues concerned with the process of creating financial instruments such as stock markets, bonds, currencies, and loan schemes. One can study finance at both professional and graduate level. Many finance degrees are also available, ranging from associate to doctorate degrees. Finance graduates can seek employment in banks, investment firms, or private financial firms.

    An investment bank is an institution that issues financial instruments for public sector companies. Examples of public sector companies include state colleges, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other financial institutions. Most investment banks operate through branches in a number of countries around the world. A large number of international investment banks are part of the international organizations and they are important financial institutions for those looking to invest in global growth and job markets.

    Besides banks, there are five highest paying jobs in the financial services industry. The top position is occupied by financial planners, followed by bankers and securities traders. Below are the other main financial sector jobs.

    Financial controller or executive-level manager The largest and most important financial industry job is the financial controller or executive-level manager. In order to be on the top position, one needs to have strong leadership skills, analytical skills, marketing skills, and strong financial management skills. Most controllers are managers that manage and direct the whole firm’s spending, budgeting, and lending practices. A controller’s salary figures will include base salary and bonus packages. It is also important to note that this position is likely to be temporary.

    Financial chief executive When finance is mentioned, most people’s thoughts turn to the world of Wall Street and the world of high-powered banking and investment firms. But the financial industry also has a chief executive. The highest-paying jobs in the financial industry that a financial chief executive can hold our CEO positions. The chief executive usually has the power to make major decisions regarding the firm and its directors, as well as employees. Most CEOs are also highly trained managers that command and motivate their staffs. In addition to a salary figure, the chief executive may receive stock options, company shares, or other bonuses.

    Investment partner private equity or mutual fund investment specialist, in contrast to a bank employee, generally focuses on the strategies and products of the financial firm instead of analyzing customer accounts. This means that an investment partner has no direct interaction with individual customers, but can act as a liaison for the firm in terms of investment decisions. Most investment partners have soft skills, such as good negotiation skills and the ability to attract investors. The top five highest-paying jobs in the private equity field include investment officer, private investor, venture capitalist, and senior investment associates.

    Wealth manager The principal aim of a wealth manager is to create more wealth by building on existing wealth. Typically, he serves as an advisor to wealth managers and helps them build and manage their own wealth. In addition to wages and benefits, the primary incentive for wealth managers to remain in business is the prestige that comes with a prestigious job. The best-paid jobs in this field are typically those at large, publicly traded financial firms. Other secondary incentives may come from stock options and the possibility of building on a legacy.

    Retail investor The highest paying jobs in the retail banking industry include bankers, stockbrokers, and salespeople. Bankers can find employment with a large bank that doesn’t specialize in banking, such as a national bank. Stockbrokers, who trade in the financial industry, also have a number of job opportunities. For example, some work for firms that do not deal directly with banks, such as investment companies or hedge funds. Salespeople often find employment in retail banking, though they can also find employment as general accountants or in the insurance industry.