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  • Vinding McLamb posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    How can I rent an email list? The concept of an email list can be very confusing. It used to be that you could buy one, manage it yourself, and then forward the emails to your list. However, these lists can be very expensive if they are meant to be used frequently.

    Email list rental is an easy procedure. In most cases, the company, also called a lead broker, agreed to send you a predetermined number of emails to be forwarded to your list. You then decide the day and time the mail will be delivered, how many recipients will receive the mail, and whether or not the advertising is going to be considered accurate. There is usually a cost involved in renting an email marketing list. This is usually based on the number of recipients and the length of time required to rent each email list.

    Why rent? There are marketers still debating if list rental is right for their business model. List rental can work well for some businesses. For example, an online real estate agency would want to rent their list to local home sellers. Realtors do not need to worry about getting everyone’s email addresses because they target people in specific geographic areas.

    Some marketers choose to get their own lists and build an email list of their own. They may do this to save themselves the trouble and expense of building and maintaining their own lists. Others choose to rent lists and pay someone else to deliver the emails to the subscriber. In either case, marketers are better off having control of their own lists.

    List brokers can help marketers rent from an existing supplier who has high open rates and a good reputation. When a marketer rents an address list, he or she must be sure it contains addresses from subscribers that match the type of subscribers the marketer is trying to reach. List brokers can help with this by providing information on the type of subscribers who opted-in to the list. If a marketer knows the type of subscribers it is trying to reach, it can focus its efforts to those subscribers more effectively.

    List owners can also check if the distribution list contains the type of subscribers they want to rent. If they are using a list rental service, the list owner can view the subscribers and determine which areas the list will deliver to. The list owner can then look to eliminate areas that will not be as effective. A good example is if a business email list is being used to contact church members, then the messages would likely be sent to church members. By looking at the distribution list, the marketer can see which areas to target and focus its marketing efforts.

    Some marketers who rent lists will send out messages to non-subscribers. They do this in an effort to make sure the marketer’s message gets through to the recipient. However, not all marketers who rent email addresses will do this, as it can be perceived as spamming. Marketers who rent lists will avoid sending out mass messages to non-subscribers, as it is likely to end up in a viewer’s spam mailbox.

    The final advantage and disadvantage of marketing via a list rental service is that a marketer is responsible for keeping his or her marketing materials and follow up communications clean. If the marketer does not keep an up-to-date marketing plan, then it is easy to see where the marketing dollars are going. However, it is important to note that a good marketing plan should always have follow up strategies in place. These follow up strategies can take the place of a marketing plan when a marketer is unable to follow through with his or her strategy, but will still make it easier for a marketer to follow through and make a profit.