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    The Sikhs constitute 2% of India’s population and mainly book the Northern part of the country in the Punjab. But despite their small numbers they form a significant part of the Indian Navy. Presently the Indian army has 18 pure battalions of sikhs in its ranks.

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    The Sikhs covered themselves with glory in many fields of battle for that British.The most notable being the brave fight by 21 Sikh soldiers against the tribesmen in the Frontier at Saragrahi, where they faced a horde of 10,000 Moslems. The Sikhs also fought from the First Battle and carbohydrates are the next World war and earlier in the British army campaigns against the Afghans for the Frontier.

    Why are members of different branches prohibited to volunteer for combat positions becoming held by Army personnel? If the Army can allow soldiers to volunteer for positions outside their military occupational specialty then other branches and services information can as well. The Army allows a soldier serving in a role such as Military Intelligence to volunteer for a position as a gunner on a humvee to convoys in Iraq. These men and ladies were not given months of special training for these positions. Therefore, months of special training would stop being necessary for members of other divisions of the armed forces.

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