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    Buying a sliding glass patio door can be somewhat overwhelming. Just visit any home center or big box shop and you will find several dozen alternatives on the floor, and perchance hundreds more options in special order catalogs. So how exactly does the normal homeowner know where to start? In this article, we’ll explain what you must know before heading buying a sliding glass patio door for your home.

    One of the first things you will want to pay attention to when looking for a sliding door could be the frame. Factory constructed patio doors come in several different frame styles. Wood frames can be a very high end option, and so are usually only seen on custom manufactured doors. Many factories have gone to what’s called a wood clad frame. This is an aluminum frame using a fitted outer wood cover. This cuts down on price of the threshold, while still giving the illusion of a high-end wood frame. For economical of patio doors, you will likely be checking out basic aluminum frames. Single part hollow aluminum extrusion is usually the frame of choice for more affordable types of patio doors. Something you might want to try to find is often a thermobrake aluminum frame, which can be essentially constructed in two pieces, to ensure that in abnormally cold weather, you will not get frost around the aluminum inside panel.

    The sort of glass used will be the next essential point in purchasing your patio door. Glass panels can be found in either single or double panes. Double pane glass, also referred to as an IG unit, is preferred. This glass will be tempered, which means that whether it breaks, it’s not going to shatter and make up a safety hazard. One of several newest trends in doors and windows is Low-E, or low emissivity, glass. Low-E glass can be used to produce very power efficient windows and doors, because it reflects heat to its source as an alternative to absorbing and transmitting it in the home. Another help to Low-E glass is that it may help reduce ultraviolet light transmission, that will stop your carpet, furniture, and window coverings from fading and discoloring.

    The very last thing to think about comparing french doors could be the kind of hardware used. Most sliding patio doors come with a single point lock, which is commonly a hook style latch that locks by hooking to the patio door frame. Anchorman locks are not so secure, as the patio door usually can be lifted straight out of the company’s frame, even when the handle is within the locked position. An improved alternative can be a double point lock, which means that there’s two hooks, pointing in opposite directions, locking to the door frame. This prevents the potential for the doorway being lifted beyond its frame.

    If security is an issue, there are many aftermarket items that could be put into your patio door to make it better. Blocking bars could be added, that extend through the stationary side of the sliding door, blocking the entranceway from being opened. In the event the blocking bar is made of a substantial metal, it’ll provide a good level of security. Most blocking bar systems have mechanical attachment methods. Another add-on security choices a security alarm pin. The unit are often installed on the very bottom or the top interior of your door, to stop the door from opening when pinned.

    To learn more about which sliding glass patio door fits your needs, visit your local home center and invest some time conversing with the sales staff. They’re usually trained within the various facets of the doorway lines they carry, and they should be able to make suggestions from the right direction.

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